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Warehouse and Distribution
WANGFOONG is committed to minimizing cost and cycle time for our customers across the entire logistics and transportation spectrum, based on our renowned expertise through years of experience in the China and global markets.

Integrated Supply Chain Management
WANGFOONG provides flexible, value-added logistics services, seamlessly integrates the entire supply chain management process from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, to end customers.

Our integrated systems with other enterprise resource planning applications streamline information flow across businesses and supply chain processes. Our warehouse supports efficient physical distribution through quick response to the advanced and integrated logistics need in the ever-changing business world.
Web-Enabled & Bar Code Warehouse System
WANGFOONG's web-enabled warehouse system allows our customers and their strategic alliances to obtain real-time information about the status of goods at all levels in the supply chain.

Sophisticated warehousing and transportation management systems with bar-coding and hand held data terminals, are equipped to improve inventory management and transportation efficiency and facilitate efficient cargo handling, consolidation.
Streamlined Distribution System
WANGFOONG's multimodal transport solutions are designed to add value and deliver cost-savings to our customers. We provide local trucking within domestics China and Hong Kong and we also provide domestic air freight in China.

By managing our fleets and distribution network, we provide distribution services that are tailored to customer requirements and integrated with other transportation services to ensure goods are moved in the most efficient way.

With most up-to-date technology and experience, our transport network implements solutions across the globe and provides total visibility of goods in transit linking with air, sea, rail and land distribution.
Warehouse Service includes:
Local warehouses in China and Hong Kong
Bonded wareshoues in China
Inventory Management
Real-time Tracking
Labelling & Assembly
Customized Reporting
Multiple Carton Assembly
Picking & Packing
Reverse Logistics (Goods Returns)
Product Sorting
Manufacturing Resource Planning Support
Other Value Added Service
Logistics Service includes:
Finished Goods Distribution
In-Transit Assembly
Spare Parts Distribution
Real-time Tracking
Material Distribution
Customized Reporting
Retail Distribution
Project Cargo Distribution
Cross Dock
Other Value Added Service
Merge in Transit
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