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Wangfoong continues to expanding its project services worldwide by joining CLC Projects Ltd.
To ensure quality services rendered to our customers, the company joins some well-known global project cargo alliances to expand its project services worldwide.

Wangfoong continues to serving the industry by joining HKPHEA (HK Professional Hoisting Engineering Association)
The association sets up practical safety courses to improve the technical level of the industry and reduce industrial accidents. It promotes the industry’s awareness of attaching importance to industrial safety.

Wangfoong Transportation Ltd. – Freight Forwarding & Logistics has been audited and certified for ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018
We are pleased to announce that Wangfoong Transportation Ltd. – Freight Forwarding & Logistics has been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas for ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018 in June 2023. We will continue to provide the best quality service to our customers and continual improve our occupational health safety and environmental performance.

Wangfoong won the Best Partner Award in the Asian/Oceania region of WCA Projects for 2022
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd. has been awarded again as the Best Partner in the Asia/Oceania region of WCA Projects for 2022. We are proud to serve our best with professional works and passions, and will continue to contribute to all partners who put their trust on us.

Inland transit of Waste Heat Boiler (Boiler Block) (May 2023)
Commodity: Waste Heat Boiler (Boiler Block)
1. Module 1 (size: 1747cm x 502cm x 431cm, weight 57,050kg)

2. Module 2 (size: 1695cm x 502cm x 365cm, weight 39,400kg)

3. Module 3 (size: 1695cm x 502cm x 430cm, weight 72,800kg)

4. Iron Box 4 (size: 366cm x 160cm x 115cm, weight 4,150kg)

5. Iron Box 5 (size: 690cm x 280cm x 134cm, weight 6,350kg)

6. Iron Box 6 (size: 185cm x 150cm x 115cm, weight 2,450kg)

Wangfoong (Hong Kong) collected the cargo by crane barge alongside when the China feeder arrived at Hong Kong, and delivered cargo to the site for unloading. Temporary traffic arrangement and escort trucks were arranged for over-size cargo land transportation. Due to limited space at site entrance, Wangfoong had thorough planning including site visit, and turning point analysis to ensure smooth delivery by 6 steerable axles vehicle. Cargo was unloaded with tandem lifting with heavy lift mobile cranes at site.
Scope included:

- Port handling and formality

- Operation plan, lifting plan, swept path analysis

- Cargo receiving by crane barge

- Warehouse storage

- Heavy-load land transportation with tandem lifting operation

- Temporary traffic arrangement (TTA)

Collect Generator Set by barge at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Apr 2023)
Due to site & time constraint, Wangfoong (Hong Kong) collected the generator set by derrick barge at mid-night with close supervision by Marine Department. Swinging situation increased the difficulties on lifting. Two tug boats were used to stabilize the lifting operation from upper floors to barge.

Scope included:

- Method statement, risk assessment, permit application with authority

- Barge delivery with lifting operations

- Cargo positioning, riggers arrangement

- Storage, inbound and outbound local handling

Grinder machine lifting and delivery (Apr 2023)
Commodity: Grinder machine with no package
Weight: 47 tons
Dimension: 17.31m L x 3.018m W x 3.645m H

Wangfoong (Hong Kong) arranged night operation and convoy operation for land transportation of this over-weight and over-size grinder machine. 2 units of heavy lift lorry cranes were used to perform tandem lifting. A pair of tailor-made spreader beams are specially equipped to cater the low headroom during lifting, in order to minimize the lifting height and avoid lifting gears touching the grinder machine body.
Scope included:

- Method statement, risk assessment, permit application with authority

- Tandem lifting by 2 units of lorry cranes

- Tailor-made spreader beam for lifting

- Over-weight and over-size transportation

- Cargo securing, night escort, safe lifting work in limited working area

Shipping of Rotary Kiln from Singapore to Hong Kong (Aug 2022)
This unit of oversized Rotary Kiln (10.0m L x 4.84m W x 4.88m H / 79 tons) was shipped from Italy by breakbulk vessel and then offloaded in Singapore to connect to a RORO vessel and shipped to Hong Kong. Wangfoong worked together with our Italian partner and our Singapore partner for this shipment. Wangfoong was responsible for offloading the oversized cargo in Singapore for temporary storage and then loaded the oversized cargo onto RORO vessel and discharged in Hong Kong port and delivered to client’s requested destination.
Scope of work:


- Received Rotary Kiln from alongside breakbulk vessel in Singapore terminal

- Loaded and lashed cargo safely on the multi-axles trailer and move to storage area

- Arranged surveyor for the entire operation

- Planned and booked RORO vessel from Singapore to Hong Kong

- Loaded and lashed Rotary Kiln onto 40’ Mafi chassis. Lashing plan needed to be approved by carrier.

Hong Kong:

- Collected Rotary Kiln on mafi and loaded Rotary Kiln onto flat top crane barge

- Delivered Rotary Kiln by barge to HIT Berth 9 and discharged cargo onto trailer

Breakbulk receiving at Midstream Hong Kong and Delivery to CLP Power Plant Station (Jan-Aug 2022)
Wangfoong Transportation Limited is proud to announce that it is successfully handled and delivered more than 45,200cbm of generator, gas turbine, power plant accessories ranging from a few tons up to 450 tons per piece to CLP Power Plant Station. Project duration started from January and fully completed by August 2022. Wangfoong utilized number of barges and resources for this delivery (ranging from 1,500cbm to 10,000cbm per each shipment)
Scope of work:

- Provision of barges to receive cargo from Hong Kong midstream ship alongside inbound mother vessel

- Provide lashing and welding service, secured cargoes on barge preventing movement during transport

- Cargoes remain storage on barge before delivery

- Deliver to Power Plant Station according to updated loading plan and instruction

(Co-ordinate day to day changes on flexible plans with Power Plant Station)

Unforeseeable weather and site constraints also a big challenge on this project.

Tanks delivery and erection at hospital (Jul 2022)
Wangfoong (Hong Kong) arranged 2x40'OT containers haulage and unloaded 2 units of storage tanks (each: 7.672*1.99*2.13m / 5190 kgs) at Wangfoong depot. Due to typhoon no. 8 hoisted in the original operation date, we kept monitoring the weather condition, rearranging date/equipment & coordinating with all related parties to fix new operation date.
Scope included:

- Method statement

- Routing with permit

- 100t mobile crane, lorry crane

- Tanks erection and position onto foundation

Generator Set Delivery to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Mar 2022)
Wangfoong (Hong Kong) had thorough planning on the transport method and arranged generator set delivery to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal by barge due to site constraint. To overcome the swinging situation, two tug boats were used to stabilize the lifting operation on barge from sea side to upper floors. We also kept track of the tides forecast, and monsoon during the day.
Scope included:

- Method statement, risk assessment, permit application with authority

- Barge delivery with lifting operation

- Cargo positioning, riggers arrangement

CO2 Tanks delivery and erection at Hong Kong CO2 Desalination Plant (Mar 2022)
Wangfoong unloaded 5 units of CO2 tanks (each: 50 tons / 16.2*4.3*4.376m) from barge to prime mover with extensible trailers by 230 tons crane barge within limited jetty's operating hours. Once trailer arrived in front of CO2 building, two units of mobile crane (500 tons and 200 tons) were used for erection and position of CO2 to foundation template rings, with the assistance of 45m Aerial platform for hooking and unhooking between lifting due to over-height cargo.
Removal of one set of Flight Simulator (Gulfstream G550) and its accessories at Cathay Flight Training Centre and Dragon Air House (Dec 2021)
Wangfoong Transportation Limited and Airgroup - DFW also a WCA Projects Member, recently work together completed moving one set of Flight Simulator (Gulfstream G550) and it accessories out of Cathay Flight Training Centre and Dragonair House including lifting work, marine wrapping, land transportation, loading, lashing, depot storage and ocean service from Hong Kong to Singapore during the most challenging and difficult time of covid period. Regulation, restriction, limitation of operation area and working time fame inside and outside of Cathay building is a big challenge. Cargo oversized but fragile, which also made the delivery another challenge.
Cargo details for 40’FR OOG

Item Length Width Height Weight
cm cm cm Kgs
Forward 493 305 272 4336
Motion Base Triangle 373 323 122 2722
AFT 493 305 284 4536
Top Cap Crate 493 279 191 1881
Mirror 612 312 254 2722
BR Crate 335 213 203 658
Others: equipment cabinets, motion cabinet, upper panels, lower panels, fiberglass wall, furniture , file cabinet, etc.
8 x 20’GP (General cargo)

- Oversized cargo packed with large wooden crates, loaded onto 3 x 40’flatrack, transport cargo on road at mid night with Wide-load Permit due to Hong Kong road regulation.
- Other non - oversize cargo packed with wooden box , deliver to the depot for loading, lashing according to loading plan and schedule
- All oversized cargoes store at the depot until vessel available on board

Documents prepared:

1) Work program and routing

2) Method Statement

3) Contingency plan

4) Safety method statement

5) Safety risk assessment

6) Cargo lifting diagrams

7) Routing and swept path Analysis

8) Equipment list and certificates

Oversize RO-rack delivery from Nantong Factory to Hong Kong Desalination Plant (Nov-Dec 2021)
Cargo details:
1st shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 5 Pipe spools + 2 lifting frames / 403,492kgs / 3,446.2cbm

2nd shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 7 Pipe spools + 1 lifting frames / 400,895kgs / 3,420.28cbm

3rd shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 4 Pipes + 2 lifting tools + 7 wooden boxes / 144,946.8kgs / 1,759.72cbm

For each RO-rack (Reverse Osmosis) with 88.6 tons (9.1m L x 8.9m W x 9.4m H), Wangfoong project team had thorough planning on the transport method to ensure a safe & cost-efficient delivery. This project is the first-of-its-kind facility in Hong Kong using Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to provide the city with an alternative water resource, and Wangfoong was responsible for the RO-rack delivery using deck barge from Nantong factory, transloading cargo to tank barge using floating crane barge in Guangzhou, barge delivery ex Guangzhou and cross the Victoria Harbor to Hong Kong.

Scope of work:

- Method statement, risk assessment, stability report

- Daily reporting to clients from loading to delivery

- High quality cargo lashing, survey report

- Insurance, custom clearance

- Barge delivery, transloading

- Transport and skidding the 9m RO-racks to the building

With client’s support and long planning, we coordinated with all related parties for smooth execution and finally cargo was delivered to the site on time and in good conditions.

A remarkable project in Macau under COVID-19:

Transportation of transformers from FAS receiving in Hong Kong to transformer substation site in Macau (May 2021)
Cargo details:

1. Transformers & reactors

- 4 units x 10.4(L) x 3.45(W) x 3.95 (H), 187 ton / total 748 ton

- 2 units x 6.4(L) x 3.3(W) x 4.2 (H), 82 ton / total 164 ton

2. Accessories

- 213 crates / total around 1700CBM

Scope of work:

- Cargo receiving from mother vessel in Hong Kong and deliver to Macau

- Cargo lashing, space arrangement of feeder vessels

- Equipment mobilization includes feeder vessels, floating crane barge, SPMT, heavy trailers

- Port and import / export formality in Macau

- Transformers and reactors loaded by floating crane barge onto the SPMT at Macau port

- Mid-night delivery (SPMT) from Macau port to jobsite with police escort

- Unload and position of transformers by hydraulic jacking system and turning table

- Final shifting for 187t and 82t without crane, within 1cm allowance

For such remarkable project ever in Macau - the heaviest transformers to be delivered, Wangfoong project team spent more than a year in planning from logistics engineering to final operation. Under COVID-19, numerous challenging factors includes quarantine for project crews, equipment mobilization with import and export formality, overcome the site restrictions, closely working with clients at the site, and unexpected delay of mother vessel in final port, which finally we manage all issues under control and deliver the transformers and reactors on time. We appreciate all the supports from management, our crews, clients and different local authorities.
Barge delivery for overlength rail for MTR Corporation Limited (Jan 2021)
Being the logistics partner with MTR, one of the regular tasks is the odd-size cargo delivery. There was a shipment for 27.5 meters long rail ex Antwerp to Hong Kong by RoRo vessel. The project scope was to deliver this overlength rail to client's site upon vessel arrival. We arranged barge delivery instead of land transport due to road limitation. We successfully collected the rail from shipside to client's berth by our own barge, arranged lifting and land delivery to the site with lorry cranes and special trailer.
Delivery of Overlength Cargo besides Aircraft (Jan 2021)
To work in the restricted area in airside, Wangfoong managed to coordinate with government authorities like Airport Authority Hong Kong, Air Cargo Terminal and Hong Kong Customs. Due to safety reason, Wangfoong arranged lorry cranes to perform tandem lifting besides aircraft for long crates of rails with 22 meters long each, under high insurance coverage. With provision of security escort, the overlength rails were eventually delivered to client's depot by our experienced trucking team in a safe manner.
Relocation of MTR’s rail grinder machine (November 2020)
To relocate the over-weight and over-size rail grinder machine to MTR depot, where the unloading area is with limited headroom and space that special tandem lifting is needed. Wangfoong arranged night transportation with convoy operation, with hydraulic trailer equipped with adjustable steering system. Two units of lorry cranes were utilized to perform tandem lifting at MTR depot, and necessary road permit applied for over-weight and over-size transportation and tailor-made spreader beam for lifting. We also prepared documents with method statement with detailed calculations and drawing to make sure detailed planning is in place.
Updated: Wangfoong Cold Storage
Our storage is located at Tsuen Wan (Hong Kong) with sufficient loading docks and opened in 2019 with below services:

- Chilled & Frozen storage (2-4°C and -18°C)

- Stationed in warehouse area in Hong Kong

- Reefer haulage and local delivery

- New equipment, e.g. electrical pallet truck, and WMS support

- 7x24 CCTV, emergency alarm system

- Qualified fire services and stable electricity support

- VAS including packaging, labelling, FIFO / FEFO classification

- Client reporting and on-time web update

Future development:

- Expansion of cold storage in same building, flexibility of warehouse handling

- -30°C cold storage

Wangfoong being recognized the Best Project Partner in Asia / Oceania 2019
Wangfoong Transportation has been awarded as the Best Partner in Projects in Asia / Oceania 2019. As being recognized by renowned projects network – WCA Projects (, we are proud to serve our best with professional works and passions, and will continue to contribute to all partners who put their trust on us. We will move forward under the pandemic and assist whatever and whenever we can.
TKO Data Centre (Dec 2019 and Jan 2020) - Water tank delivery
Scopes of work:

-Arrange China feeder from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

-Provide seaworthy lashing

-Lashing survey report

-Marine insurance

A long-planned project to meet client’s expectation and secured the goods to arrive to destination in a safe manner.

Wangfoong's New Services: Cold Storage in Hong Kong
Our newly opened cold storage with chilled (2-4 ° C) and frozen (-18 ° C)storage facility and cold truck for local distribution.We offerintegrated one-stop cold chain storage service, including:

- Pick up and delivery of cold cargo

- Sufficient loading bay to speed up the delivery, receipt and cargo inspection procedures

- Updated warehouse management system with in and out records in regular period

- Temperature-control and 24-hour security monitoring system

- Provide temperature monitoring trucking support

Recovery for Derailment Incident for MTR Corporation Ltd.(Sep 2019)
Wangfoong managed to provide heavy-lift equipment to recover an incident happened during normal working peak hours. With lifting method at the site, we supervised the whole lifting and avoided overhead cables and gantry, performed lifting smoothly for the derailed trains with supervision of using two units of 500t mobile cranes and rigger team. After more than 17 hours of rescue, the three derailed trains were put back onto the tracks, and parts of the train services resumed after the incident.
Open-top container receiving and delivery (Aug 2019)
Wangfoong provided barge and performed mid-stream operation in Hong Kong, to receive and deliver a batch of oversized shipment in one go.
TKO Seabed Measurement (Jul 2019)
Provision of works included seabed measurement with qualified diver teams, underwater report, so as to provide client an underwater condition before next project shipment which involved in the same area.
CLP Transformer (Jun 2019)
Receiving Transformers Mid-stream Hong Kong and Delivery to Unloading Area to Castle Peak Power Station
The operation involved 3 sets of 170tons transformers and other consignments shipped to Hong Kong by breakbulk vessel with mid-steam operation, and delivery to Castle Peak Power Station. Wangfoong arranged barge, floating crane, hydraulic mobile crane, heavy-lift equipment on landand provided total solutions from planning, method statement, lifting operation and final positioning.
Lifting operation to turnaround 3 wagons (Apr 2019)
TThis operation for 3 wagons of maximum weight of 46,000kgs were turned around by heavy-lift telescopic mobile crane. The most challenging part was the operation to be done in limited space and avoided overhead cablesinside the train depot. The operation was done within one day.
Lifting Work in Macau Ferry Terminal (Mar 2019)
Wangfoong managed to lift existing chiller plants, delivery of new chiller plants by barge and provided riggers and tools for positioning of chillers into plant room. Due to site constraint, the delivery of chillers could only be done by derrick barge, from waterside onto upper deck level for positioning into plant room.Swinging situation on sea was one of thedifficulties in the operation. With close supervision by Marine Department, Wangfoongcompleted the operation within limited time during mid-night.
ASEAN Truckage Services
New transportation route of ASEAN area, including transportation, warehousing and custom declaration for both general and refrigerated cargo.
Delivery of Over-length Cargo besides Aircraft on Christmas Eve (December 2018)
This urgent delivery was completed within one week from receipt of order and delivered on time and within budget. We managed to coordinate with various authorities within a short time-frame, with the scopes of work including application of special permits with government authorities like Airport Authority Hong Kong; Air Cargo Terminal; and Hong Kong Customs. The operation was performed at restricted area in Hong Kong Airport in airside and landside with provision of security escort during mid-night to ensure safe and loading and delivery.
Delivery to CLP Hong Kong
With lengthy items from Europe to Hong Kong, we provide delivery and lifting services to client and the operation was carried out in a safety and on-time manner. We utilized a 100-ton mobile crane with experienced rigger team to perform regular jobs within CLP Hong Kong.
Regular Ro-ro Shipment with Over-length Cargo from Shipside
To coordinate with Hong Kong Terminal for over-length cargoes arrangement, and provide barge and tug service to collect cargo from shipside with on-carriage of land delivery with special trailer and lifting works.
Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB)
Wangfoong’s first truck to move cargo via the world longest bridge – HZMB.
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Transportation of Acrylic Panels with Barge, Heavy-lift equipment
Apart from space limitation in unloading site,oversized a cargo structure increased the relocation challenges. After comprehensive site investigation and discussion with the client, our transport team arranged a 300-ton terrain crane for unloading to overcome the height restrictions. To reduce the risks on road traffic, our transport team practiced multi-modal transportation, delivering the Acrylic Panels by a barge from Kowloon to HK Island. Traffic simulation were carried out before actual delivery. All technical operations have undergone thorough site investigation, planning, simulation, and full sets of endorsed method statement.
Relocation for Locomotive
To overcome height restrictions added by the locomotive, we arranged low-bed trailer and practiced night operation under convoy. Prior to transportation, project supervisor and engineer carried out final checking to ensure that all equipment and lashing functioned properly. All technical operations have undergone thorough site investigation, planning, simulations, and full sets of endorsed method statement.
Moving Stage Cargo for Entertainment Events in Hong Kong and China
Well-planned freight schedule is significant for event cargo, particularly on-time processing in customs declaration. With tight schedule and specific time frame, delivery sequence and on-site monitoring are crucial to the next event. Detailed operation plan with timeline and workflow were prepared for the client. Appropriate buffer time was given for contingency and delay of shipping schedule. Additional prime movers with trailers were arranged. Other value-added services like B/L handling, ATA Carnet, customs declaration, and the co-ordination work with different stakeholders were streamlined.
Oil and Gas Project from Hong Kong to China
With long establishment in Zhuhai, we managed to move breakbulk cargoes from mother vessel in Hong Kong and transfer to Zhuhai at client’s private berth. With operation to unpack, consolidate and lifting of breakbulk cargoes at our own depot in Hong Kong, to prepare for the on-carriage to China with suitable vessels with on-time schedule. We managed to assist in custom clearance in China and discharged the heavy cargoes from vessel to client’s private berth with heavy lift crane.
Chiller Plant Delivery for Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
The operation needed to be performed along seaside during monsoon season, under supervision of clients and Marine Department. Instead of using mobile cranes, our transport team managed to operate with a derrick barge, lifting the cargoes from seaside onto upper deck level then positioned into the plant room. The job was completed under sufficient lighting, experienced signalman and riggers provided by Wangfoong. The whole operation was approved and was closely monitored by Marine Department.
OOG cargo from Europe to Asia Air Terminal (Hong Kong)
With scopes of work including receiving OOG flat-rack from overseas, we provided escort vehicles, trailer with licensed over-size permit, and route planning for the operations. The OOG delivery was performed mid-night with road survey and survey report.
Relocation of Used TBM Parts
The relocation involved heavy crane and transportation work at construction site in Hong Kong, with well-prepared markings and calculation to save space for sea freight export.We carried out comprehensive pre-site investigation, computing the total cargo dimensions and working out the minimum number of containers required for export. Having utilized a number of equipment like flat-rack, open-top, and standard containers, we moved the TBM parts successfully with the minimal number of equipment. During pick-up, cargoes were specifically labelled to assist final load-plan and to increase the job efficiency.
Marine Solution: Salvage of Sunken Boat
We provided marine solution with salvage involving barge and professional divers within short period of time with the coordination between different authorities.As per our client’s request, we worked out the method statement overnight. We provided professional divers for underwater operations, a derrick barge and passenger boat for the job. We completed the job successfully with close supervision of Marine Department. We also provided underwater survey report with client’s satisfaction.
Drilling Equipment for underground and subway construction projects
Wangfoong Transportation Limited (Hong Kong), specializing in project cargo, recently handled another successful air import project shipment totaling: 7 pieces 14,850 kg of Drilling Equipment for underground and subway construction projects. The longest dimension of drilling equipment was 1078 x 123 x 137cm at 7,000kg. The cargo originated in Frankfurt, Germany arriving at Hong Kong International Airport. Wangfoong arranged and supervised the unloading with crane onto flat bed trucks, including lashing, and door delivery to the construction site in Hong Kong.
Chinese New Year Holiday
Please note that our office will be closed for Chinese New Year from 10th February 2013 (Sunday) to 14th February 2013 (Thursday) and will commence work again on 15th February 2013 (Friday).

We would take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support in the past years, and look forward to extending our amiable business relationship in the future.

We wish you a prosperous Year of the Snake!
Hofstra University MBA Program visiting Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain
We are pleased to welcome a group of highly motivated and talented students from Hofstra University MBA Program to visit Hong Kong.

It was a half day visit to one of the largest port terminal in Hong Kong, MTL (Modern Terminals), as well as our wine storage facility inside the terminal.
Wangfoong Wine Supply Chain interviewed by Hong Kong Shippers' Council
Wangfoong was invited by the Hong Kong Shippers' Council for an interview on wine logistics. Extracts on the interview : " …Customs clearance and quarantine, tax levied for cargo release, temporary storage in bonded warehouse – we make sure these are in place. The client may be in a remote vineyard in Spain, so we communicate electronically, frequently using photos, of how the pallets need to be packed, how to fill in pages of documents for China Customs, how the container should be packed, so that Customs inspection in China will take minimal time. …" For full report, please refer to Shippers Today Vol 35#3 (
Wangfoong has become a partner of JV Logistics Ltd
We are pleased to announce that Wangfoong has become a partner of JV Logistics Ltd ( which specializes in providing domestic and e-commerce related logistics solution in Hong Kong and China region.

Leverage upon all the resources and capabilities of both companies, we are able to provide high value-added business solutions to our customers, backed up with quality service platform, integrated information system and sophisticated program management.
Suspension of Feeder Service during Chinese New Year
Due to the closure of China Customs and China factory shut-down in Chinese New Year Holidays (in between Jan 21 to Jan 28, 2012) , the Company will suspend its feeder service between Hong Kong and Pearl Delta Area with the following schedules.

The last sailing from Hong Kong to China ports of Pearl Delta Area will be on Jan 19, 2012
The last sailing from ports in China Pearl Delta Area to Hong Kong will be on Jan 20, 2012
All feeder service will be resumed back to normal as from Jan 30, 2012

Booking for first sailing ( feeder service) after Chinese New Year will be accepted as from Jan 27, 2012

For freight forwarding activities, we will resume business activities on Jan 27, 2012
Award Winner of "The Best International Independent Freight Forwarder in Hong Kong and Macau (2011)"
The Company has just been awarded with a prize as The Best International Independent Freight Forwarder in Hong Kong and Macau (2011) by China International Logistics Professional.

The award ceremony was taken place in Xiamen, China. Wangfoong is a double-capped logistics integrator ( a feeder company as well as a forwarder ) in the market.
Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal Project, Hong Kong
A new Hong Kong cargo terminal invested by Cathay Pacific will be completed in 2013. Hong Kong airport is the airport with largest cargo tonnage throughput in the world in 2010.

The Company is more than happy to be appointed as one of the transport subcontractors of Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal Project. A lot of facilities and air cargo handling equipment are imported from overseas.

There were many huge-sized project cargoes which required with professional logistics player to handle it. Wangfoong is more advantageous than that of other local agents as it acquires project transport know-how for thirty years. Also, the Company has its own lifting equipment, derrick barges and tug boats which play a key role on project transport.

Some of the cargoes were too wide and too high for being moved by road mode. cargo has to be picked up in the port area by derrick barge and deliver it to Lantau Island which Hong Kong airport was domiciled. As the transport project will be last for a year long, the company set up its special task group to follow up the project transport.
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd - Award Winner for South China Independent Forwarder - Project
The Company is more than happy to inform you that we were voted as the winner for SOUTH CHINA INDEPENDENT FORWARDER AWARD - Project in May 19, 2011.

The International Freight Forwarder Award ceremony was taken place in Ningbo, China on Thursday night, May 19, 2011 with guests from both overseas and Mainland China. Local city senior government officials also took part of the award ceremony.

The award demonstrates our excellence in project forwarding and logistics. The Company believes that its expertise know-how, own-managed logistics infra-structures such as derrick barges and lifting equipments as well as its high reputation are the major reasons for winning the award. The nominees of the award were accessed by judging panel in light of several requirements such as cost-effective service, expertise demonstration on service, delivery of cargo as per agreed schedule, damage-free handling of cargo as well as proven records for handling project. Wangfoong was happy to get the award from among those short-listed candidates.

Wangfoong Transportation Ltd is one of the very few integrators put on multi-caps in different modes of transport in the market. Wangfoong has earned a high reputation in the market and has been serving as vice-chairman in Hong Kong freight forwarding association (HAFFA) since 2008. Other than freight forwarding, the Company is also a feeder vessel and derrick barge operator. Not only on project forwarding, Wangfoong Transportation Ltd is also specializing on airfreight transport with cargo booking agency status with more than twenty airlines.
Suspension of Feeder Service between Hong Kong and Pearl Delta Area during Labor Day Holidays
Please be noted that the feeder vessel services operated by Wangfoong Shipping Ltd will be suspended during the Labor Day holidays between April 30 to May 2, 2011. Attached please find the written notice in Chinese for reference.
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Re-election of Executive Committee of Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (HAFFA) – Wangfoong Transportation Ltd
An Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics (HAFFA) for the year of 2011 was held on April 19, 2011. In the event, Wangfoong Transportation Ltd was re-elected as Executive Committee of the association for the term year for 2011 to 2013.

HAFFA is the largest freight forwarding & logistics association body in the terrorist. It earns a high reputation in the logistics field and receives with high respect from the Authorities. Its members’ business cover 90% of the total tonnage of Hong Kong. Being a free port, Hong Kong is a major global transshipment hub . It was ranked in the first place in the World for air tonnage throughput and in 3rd place for global container throughput in 2010.

For appointment of principal officers of the Association, Mr.Louis Lee on behalf of the Company was also voted as Vice-Chairman of the Association by executive committee members for the year of 2011 to 2013. Mr. Louis Lee has already been appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Association for few year terms since 2008. Mr.Lee is a veteran in the freight forwarding field and he is also one of the government recognized specialists nominated by Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualification.
Closure of Hong Kong Office for Easter Holidays
Our Hong Kong headquarters will be closed for Easter Holidays from April 22 to 25 and office duty will be resumed on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. However, all our Mainland China branches will not be OFF in Easter Holidays.
Zhuhai Branch Office – Removal Notice
Subsequent to the removal of our Zhuhai Branch Office Import & Export Department to the 1st floor of Shipping Centre Jiuzhou Harbour on 4/10/2010, other departments (Customer Services, Transhipment, Finance & H.R. Departments, etc.) will be removed to the following address with effect from 11/10/2010 (Monday). Nevertheless, our telephone number and fax number will remain unchanged and please kindly amend your record accordingly.

New Address: 2/F., Flat 5, Block 1, Jiuzhou Garden, 455 South Lover's Road, Zhuhai, China.
Upgrade for ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system
The company has just upgraded its ISO quality management system from ISO 9001: 2000 to ISO 9001: 2008 version lately.

The company has been audited by the certifying body namely, BUREAU VERITAS on July 19, 2010. Under the site audit, the operations system of the Company was found in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the scopes of air freight, sea freight forwarding and logistics services. As a result, a new ISO 9001: 2008 certificate with number 195022 was granted to the Company. As a well-established service provider, WANGFOONG TRANSPORTATION LIMITED will keep on seeking for quality in serving its customers.
WANGFOONG keeping on serving the Industry by joining HAFFA
With the support of association members, Wangfoong Transportation Ltd was re-elected as Executive Committee ( 2010-2011 term) in the Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (HAFFA) which was held in April 20. 2010 in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Freight Forwarding & Logistics Association (HAFFA) is the largest forwarding & logistics association in Hong Kong SAR, China. The Association has got a high respect from the logistics industry and governmental bodies.

Mr. Louis Lee, General Manager of the Company was nominated as Vice-Chairman of the Freight Forwarding Association. Mr. Lee was also nominated as Chairman of the Greater China Affairs of the Association.
Notice for Suspension of Company's Feeder Vessel Service during the Chinese New Year (2.2010)
Due to the Chinese New Year holidays in the mid of February, 2010, the Company's operated feeder vessel service with daily departure in Pearl Delta Area of Guangdong will be suspended in the following schedule in February 2010 :
From Hong Kong Zhuhai Zhongshan Shekou (Shenzhen) Dongguan
To Hong Kong N/A 12/2 - 21/2 N/A N/A 12/2 - 21/2
To Zhuhai 11/2 - 20/2 N/A 12/2 - 21/2 11/2 - 20/2 N/A
To Zhongshan 12/2 - 20/2 N/A N/A 12/2 - 23/2 N/A
To Shekou (Shenzhen) N/A 12/2 - 22/2 12/2 - 22/2 N/A N/A
To Dongguan 12/2 - 21/2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
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Notice for suspension of liner service between Hong Kong and Zhuhai/Zhongshan for New Year Holiday 2010
The company decides to suspend its liner service to and from China during New Year period of 2010 in the following schedule:
  HKG - Zhuhai HKG - Zhongshan Zhuhai - HKG Zhongshan - HKG
Suspension 31/12/2009 01/01/2010 01/01/2010 01/01/2010
  02/01/2010   03/01/2010  
Being elected as Executive Committee /Vice Chairman of HAFFA
Please be advised that Wangfoong Transportation Limited was elected as an Executive Committee (2009-10) in the Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Freight Forwarding & Logistics Association (HAFFA) held in April 21, 2009. Being an HAFFA executive committee, Mr. Louis Lee of the Company was also nominated as Vice-Chairman of the Association for the term of 2009–2010.
Removal of Feeder Port Terminal /CY Depot to a New Site
As from February 16, 2009, the feeder port terminal operations of Wangfoong Transportation Ltd will be relocated to a new place for business. The new feeder port terminal and CY depot of the Company will be located at China Resources Terminal –A, Yen Chow Street West, West Kowloon Reclamation, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

In the new terminal, the Company will have its own exclusive working zone for operations. All container vessels and barges operated by Wangfoong will be berthed at the new terminal. Customers have to go for the new terminal for container pick-up and delivery accordingly.
Office Removal Notice for Shanghai Office
Due to our business expansion, our Shanghai branch will be relocated to a new venue with bigger area & more convenient location on Monday, January 12, 2009. We believe that our office removal will result in more quality services to be rendered to our customers. Our new branch office's communication address will be changed as follows:

Guangzhou Wangfoong International Forwarding & Agency Ltd, Shanghai Branch
Room 803-804, 8/F., Jiahe International Building,
No. 1, Lane 66, Huayuan Road, Hongkou District,
Shanghai 200083, China

Tel: (86-21) 6540-9688, 6540-2301
Fax: (86-21) 6540-2336
e-mail :
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Wangfoong Transportation Ltd was nominated as Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Freight Forwarding & Logistics Association (HAFFA)
We are pleased to announce that Wangfoong Transportation Ltd has been voted as an Executive Committee in Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Freight Forwarding & Logistics Association (HAFFA) held in April 22, 2008. Being an executive committee, the Company was also nominated as Vice Chairman of the Association (2008-9).
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd – Freight Forwarding & Logistics has been audited and certified for ISO 9001:2000
We are pleased to announce that Wangfoong Transportation Ltd – Freight Forwarding & Logistics has been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001:2000 in July 2007. We will continue to provide our best quality services to all customers.
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd has been awarded as the feeder operator for the Shuttle Barge Service from Zhuhai to Shekou
Wangfoong Transportation Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of a new SCT/CCT - Zhuhai shuttle service awarded by SCT/CCT/ZIT (Jiuzhou) on April 8, 2004.

The new shuttle service provides a direct connection between Zhuhai International Container Terminal (Jiuzhou) and Shekou Container Terminal/Chiwan Container Terminal for shipments going in/out of the vast manufacturing area in Zhuhai. Customers will be nefit from this faster and more efficient transportation alternative of moving both export and import shipments to and from Zhuhai.

Our commitment to this new shuttle service further affirms our goals of continuous service expansion in PRD and providing a comprehensive range of services to our customers.

This new shuttle service commences operation on April 19, 2004 with sailings departing Zhuhai every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sailings departing Shekou every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

For more information, please contact our sales department at 2544-9611.
Bureau Veritas Certification International Air Transport Association Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding And Logistics International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations